Hey everyone! Long time no speak, or write shall I say.

I kind of neglected my blog last year and I’m really trying to make it my mission to write more often this year, even if it’s just the odd blog here and there.

So, as you probably already know from the title i’m going to be discussing my views on social media today,  which i think has turned into some huge facade where people seem to think everyone has these perfect planned out lives and we’re all flawless and perfect and happy, well that’s just not the case for most of us and i think it’s become too easy to hide behind things like Instagram and Facebook and the other social media pages.

Being someone who has always suffered with insecurities, things like body dysmorphia, body confidence issues, problems with my skin, I’ve always found it too easy to compare myself to people on places like Instagram. You always stumble across these beautiful girls (and boys) with flawless skin, perfectly straight and white teeth, chiselled features, sculpted bodies and glowing skin, and it used to really get me down, spending hours on end scrolling and double tapping thinking “why don’t i look like that?” or “why can’t i have her body?” and it’s one of the main things that’s got me writing this post because you don’t realise how easy it is to just hide behind a filter or to do the little bit of tweaking and airbrushing here and there, and that is FINE! it is totally fine to tweak and edit your photo’s if you feel like it’ll make you more confident, but what i didn’t realise is that these people probably have their own insecurities too, but we’re never let in to that side of things on social media. (I’m completely guilty of the odd teeth whiten edit or airbrushing a spot out)

We see happy captions and smiles all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and we’re so quick to believe everyone has these perfect lives in tact, when they are just normal people like all of us who are probably (99.9% of the time) dealing with insecurities like us, family problems, financial problems, absolutely anything, but it’s just made so easy to hide behind a screen and make it seem as though you have this perfect life.

Now the whole point of me mentioning “insta VS reality” is that we are all guilty of making it seem like we’ve got our shit together or that we’re happy or that we love ourselves and are confident, but if we strip back all the nice things, nice houses, the clothes, the filters, then we are all exactly the same. So why should we scroll through throughout the day wishing we had something that that other person has and we don’t? why can’t we just be happy with ourselves and what we have?

Social media should be about being social, being friendly, keeping in contact with family members and friends and sharing things that you want people to see because it makes you happy to share it with them, it shouldn’t be about who’s got the flashiest car or who had the best holiday in the summer of 2016, (not that i’m saying you shouldn’t post it, but we just shouldn’t envy other people and be jealous or bitter or make ourselves upset that we don’t have the same things), i think we’ve all fallen into this trap that everything on social media needs to be pristine and perfect when in reality when we strip away the money and flashy things, we really are all just the same like i mentioned above.

I always hear people say “she’s definitely edited that”, or “he’s definitely got that on finance no way he could afford that”, and i just think, so what? We’re all guilty of posting things for a certain look on things like Instagram, or posting a certain status on Facebook because we like the attention. But it’s all part of this whole fake facade that we all need to be perfect on social media when that really isn’t the reality.

I personally spend far too much time on social media and i can find it quite toxic, forever comparing myself to other people thinking why don’t i have that or why don’t i look like that… so many “perfect” things you see can really get you down thinking that you’re going somewhere wrong in life as you don’t have the same, but it’s not true at all. We all progress in our own time, we all live our lives differently so we really shouldn’t sit back and stare at the screen being jealous of bloody Emma in London’s 7 bedroom mansion with en-suites!

I’m not really trying to get a specific point across, but for anyone who actually spares 5 minutes of their time to read this, I just want you to know that not everything on social media is as it seems, you never know what goes on behind the screen of a phone, or laptop, and you most definitely should never compare yourself or put yourself down to what you see on social media.

My goal this year is to try and spend less time on social media and only post what i think is genuine and stop trying to make my posts to please others, or to fit in with others, and just be myself and be happy with who i am!

Whats your goals?

Speak soon!

E x


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