My skincare routine for Acne

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog, I know it’s been a long time since i last posted but I’ve been waiting for my skin to clear and trying out different products so I could write this post.

Quick disclaimer- by no means do I think my skin is the best skin ever, nor do I think it’s the worst thing ever and I don’t think I’m suddenly a skin expert, because I’m not, I’m solely writing this post as since the age of 13 I have always struggled with acne prone skin, and therefore have been  very self conscious, I’m writing this so I can potentially help others who share the same issues that I do, and if this isn’t something for you, then please feel free to click off 🙂

So, like i mentioned above I have suffered with acne or acne prone skin since I was around 13, and have always been back and forth to the doctors with it. I have tried many things from the doctors such as the following creams Differin Gel, Duac Gel, Epiduo Gel, Stiemycin and the antibiotics Erythromycin and Tetralysal Lymecyline.

I have used all of these over a long period of  time, and found nothing was a permanent solution.

They all seemed to work for a small while, and then it was almost as if my skin got used to them, therefore they didn’t work anymore. I also found the creams extremely drying and harsh on my skin, and even though it dried out the spots, it didn’t clear them completely and left me with constant red raw skin and very very flakey skin, it was a nightmare- i couldn’t use foundation to conceal the spots as my skin was so red raw and flakey that it wouldn’t stick without being patchy.

i also had a fringe cut in several times in attempt to cover the acne (which was mostly the worst on my forehead and chin), but the fringe being on top of the blemishes just irritated them even more, I couldn’t win.

After years back and forth to my GP, I was finally referred to the dermatologist in my local hospital, she told me my acne wasn’t severe enough for the more popular acne medications such as Roaccutane, and suggested I try a contraceptive pill and gave me more creams to try. I felt as though I was running in around in circles, constantly being back to square 1.

I knew I didn’t drink enough water, as I’m not a fan (weird I know), but I didn’t really drink much sugary or “bad” things either, and I knew my diet wasn’t the worst, so no matter how much I drank and ate clean, still nothing would change. At this point I wasn’t really into skincare, but I hardly wore face make up, and when I did I made sure it was completely wiped off- but still, it wasn’t enough.

After a few years, I reached about 17/18 and I felt I was finally at breaking point, and I knew i’d have to take matters into my own hands, I try not to be dramatic as I know my skin isn’t even a quarter as bad as  other people who suffer, but still, it got me down, and my happiness and health came first.

At this point I watched a million YouTube videos, articles and skincare reviews, and only then I realized the importance of “skin care” or having a routine at least. I didn’t know anything about cleansing, toning, exfoliating- it was all new to me, but with a lot of trial and error I think I’ve finally figured out the skincare that works for me.

Firstly, it is imperative that you know your skin, and your skin type- how can you possibly buy the right skincare for your skin type if you don’t know what your skin type is?

My skin type is a mix between acne prone and oily. I’m lucky to not have dry skin, but it does mean my skin produces a lot of excess oil, and my pores tend to clog really easily as I also have large pores, hence why I break out so easily. So when I work out things like sweat and dirt clog my pores, and that for me can also result in a break out.

Now as I know my skin type, I know which products to look for.

So, after trawling through the internet, and reading and watching a million reviews these are the products I’ve narrowed it down to, and here’s how I use them!

Also PLEASE remember to never ever sleep in your make-up, it seems like a simple thing but can you imagine the damage you’re doing to your skin leaving a mass amount of make-up sink into your skin overnight!? And I’m also pretty fussy about make-up removers such as liquids and wipes now, I really think everyone needs to invest in a good make up remover, especially if you have sensitive skin. I used to live off 50p cheap make-up wipes, but in reality they made me want to rip my skin off. Now I would much rather invest in a good make-up remover, my favourites are Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes, Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Wipes, and also the Garnier Micellar water. It sounds really simple, but investing in a good make up remover is the first step, and makes a world of difference (also check when you’re buying them that they’re for your skin type, they will say oily or dry etc on the packet or bottle).

So I don’t really tend to mix my brands with skincare, as I feel the more you mix different products you’re not really getting to know which one is actually working for you- my two personal favourites are Mario Badescu and LUSH. This is because Mario Badescu’s skin range targets at acne prone and problem skin and LUSH cosmetics are an all natural brand so they’re perfect for sensitive skin as there is nothing harsh in there to aggravate the skin.

My absolute go to products are the LUSH Dark Angel’s Cleanser, LUSH Tea Tree Water, LUSH Grease Lightening Spot Treatment, and also the Mario Badescu Acne Cleansers (I use the acne one and the glycolic foaming one) and occasionally the Mario Badescu drying lotion (I’m still a bit hit or miss with that one).

These are all pictured below, and the Mario Badescu ones are all available via

and the LUSH are all avilable via the LUSH website, or in store.


Now, the part I presume everyone is waiting for is my routine, and how I use them.


When i wake up, the first thing i will do in the morning is cleanse. I use either the Mario Acne Cleanser OR Glycolic Cleanser (both really good for acne), and wash my face with it using warm water, i just scrub it into my face and then rinse off with warm water. Also once or twice a week I will use the LUSH Dark Angels cleanser INSTEAD of the Mario one, as I find this one really gets all the dirt and excess oils out of your face, it is extremely messy but it really is worth it for a deep cleanse. I will only use this once or twice a week, and for the rest I will use the one of the Mario one’s instead. But they all work the same, and are applied the same.

Once I have cleansed my face, I will then soak a cotton pad OR spritz the LUSH Tea Tree Water all over my face to tone. If I’m in need of a quick fix I will just spritz over my face, but soaking a cotton pad with it and then wiping your face will really get rid of any excess dirt and oils. Plus Tea Tree is really good for acne, and I love the smell and feel it gives my face after, it feels so healthy and refreshing.

Once I have cleansed and toned I just go in with a moisturizer (I am yet to find one that I love, hence why I haven’t spoke about a specific one) before any make up, just  to restore that hydration and moisture back in your face that any product may have taken away, I then go on to apply my make up as normal, and then when it comes to removing it at night or at the end of my day, I will use my Micellar water OR my make-up wipes to remove my makeup, before cleansing and toning again at night to get rid of the excess dirt or product left in my pores.


So in the night, I will still usually have make-up left on from the day, so i start by soaking a cotton pad with Micellar water and removing my make-up, or if i’m in a rush I will use my Nivea or Johnson’s wipes, and make sure all make-up is removed.

I will then go and cleanse my face using one of my three cleansers, and then once that is washed off I will use my toning water from LUSH to ensure ALL dirt, product and left-over make-up is removed. For me it’s important that I make sure every last bit of make-up is removed, and using a Tea Tree water soaked cotton pad ensures all the product is removed.

Once my skin is all prepped and fresh, I will then moisturize (because most spot treatments are drying), and let it sink into my face.

I will then use EITHER the LUSH grease lightening spot treatment to apply to my blemishes, or the Mario Badescu drying lotion. They both are really good spot treatments, but I am quite skeptical over the drying lotion as i find it’s quite hit or miss depending on my blemishes, sometimes I find it really effective overnight, then sometimes I find there will be no change. However I am loving the grease lightening as it’s really cooling and calming on the problematic areas.

I will then leave the spot treatment overnight, depending on whichever one I’m using, then when I wake up in the morning I will then do the morning treatment above to prep me for the day ahead.

Here are some pictures of my skin at problematic times- PLEASE NOTE: this isn’t at all anywhere near as bad as my skin can be, but they are the only “bad” pictures I have as I don’t tend to take pictures of my skin when it’s bad as I get too insecure.


Now here is a before and after (please excuse the big spot it’s pretty clear otherwise), of my skin after doing this routine for only 2 days. Both are unedited.



I hope this wasn’t too boring, I understand it was really long, but I don’t do things half arsed, ha!

So thank you for reading if you managed to sit through it all! And I look forward to seeing you all in the next one.


Ell x

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  1. Wow I loved this post Ellie I struggle with my skin so this is a great read 😊 Loving your blog, would you be interested in following each others blogs would love to support each other ❤️❤️❤️ I’m new to blogging and would love blogging friends x

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