Luuuurv yourself!

Hi guys!

Been meaning to write this for a while but been so busy with uni work I hadn’t got around to it, so here’s a little blog about why it’s vital and important that you should learn to love yourself and your flaws. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been overthinking myself so much to the point I’ve driven myself insane, and finally realized how pointless it is and that i need a HUGE change on my attitude to life.

Although throughout my life I’ve always been a bubbly and confident person, I’ve always suffered with self-confidence issues, and have always picked at every little insecurity I have and have battled with myself over my looks.

I’m really bad for picking out my insecurities, and comparing myself to other people, whether that be randoms, people I know or even celebrities.  I always think about my flaws so much that there have been times where I just cry, or I don’t want to do things because I don’t want other people to notice my flaws.

I’ve always beaten myself up over my acne, over having a “big forehead”, and most recently- I’ve probably cried in the mirror at least 50 times over having stretch marks. It’s only recently that I’ve thought about it, that I’m letting these insecurities take over my life.

I’ve been too afraid to wear my hair up without my fringe to cover my forehead or my spots, I’ve been too nervous/afraid to wear dresses, skirts and shorts with the fear of my stretch marks showing and even though I’ve prevented all these to avoid my insecurities showing, I realized I’ve been making myself unhappy in the process.

Yes, there are times where I want to wear my hair up without my fringe, so why should I let the size of my forehead stop that? And yes, I’ve just booked my first girls holiday so i’m obviously going to have to show my legs at one point, so why the fuck should i care about my stretch marks? It’s because we live in such a judgmental society, if you don’t have a perfect body with a flawless face you’re apparently not good enough- well you are, and now is the time i learn to accept that.  I struggle to look in the mirror without breathing in to make myself look skinnier, or struggle to upload a picture without cropping my forehead, but all these things add up and are making me notice my insecurities more. I’ve come to the realization that now is the time i learn to accept my flaws and embrace them, and not care what other people think… this year i’m going to learn to love myself for who i am, with every insecurity on my body. 

I’m going to wear a bikini on holidays and rock the fact that i don’t have a perfectly toned body, and rock the fact that i have stretch marks because i’m a growing teenager. I’m going to wear my hair up and not give a fuck what people say about my forehead, because the one thing in life that matters is that you’re happy, and you can honestly say that you don’t care what anyone else thinks as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin.

And, the likelihood is that there is someone else out there with the same insecurity and flaw as you, and that everyone in this world has flaws and nobody is perfect (not even Michelle Keegan or Emily Ratajkowski, yes they too have flaws), because after all we are all human, and all deserve to love ourselves, flaws and all.

So even if it’s just accepting one of your flaws, I hope this helps you realize that you’re perfect in your own way, and that you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel different because you have flaws and insecurities, because the reality is, they will only be doing that because they are insecure themselves.

I ain’t quite bikini ready yet, but with a bit of hard work and self love i will get there, so here’s my little motivation picture to myself, to bin the swimsuit and get myself bikini ready and happy for my holiday with a bit of self love and confidence!

Thanks for reading 🙂 x




5 thoughts on “Luuuurv yourself!

  1. You’re Beautiful inside and out and if we didn’t have an insecurities, we wouldn’t be human. One of mine is looking young or not having the biggest boob’s but who cares x

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  2. This is such a beautiful post. It’s motivating to see that you’re on the journey to loving yourself after endlessly doubting and lacking self love. I hope that you continue to develop an abundance of self love, embracing and loving everything about you. It’s so important to have am that positive mindset and to think the best possible thoughts. Self love is an amazing journey and u have to remember that it won’t be an easy journey, there will be times that you fall and u have to have the patience. This is an never ending journey. Keep loving you. Keep being you and always love you. Xx

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